International Women's Day - Takhar

It was a wonderful day celebrating International Women’s Day all around Afghanistan this March. Relief International / Schools Online also offered its participants the opportunity to celebrate this day in the ILCs in Takhar Province, Kabul and Jalalabad Provinces.
The Takhar ILC celebrated this day with all its members and community participants drawing excitement and interest from all, particularly the female participants. Some of the ILC female members participated in a drawing competition held especially for Women’s Day in Afghanistan. They drew beautiful and poignant pictures of Afghan women in a variety of situations to show their love, understanding and sometimes sympathy to their mothers and other women.

This is Nipton, one of the ILC participants, drawing a picture based on Women’s Day.

Several female participants drawing pictures for Women’s Day.

Female students concentrating on drawing women-themed pictures in Takhar ILC

Group efforts for the Women’s Day drawing competition

Both males and females of the Takhar ILC participated on the 8th March International Women’s Day celebrations. The Department of Women’s Affairs also organized a big program in collaboration with the ILC to mark the day in Takhar. Participants read important articles about women and their important role in the family and in Afghan society, as well as holding lively roundtable discussions and performing mini-dramas to highlight vital issues faced by women in modern day Afghanistan

Some of the pictures drawn by female participants of Takhar:

Prepared by Frista

This picture shows freedom and peace. Prepared by Sweeta.

This picture shows a woman pursuing education and looking after her child.

This pictures shows a women taking care of her child. Prepared by Marzia Akbari, ILC Participant.

Online Forum on International Women’s Day

ILC male and female members participated in an RI-sponsored online forum with other participants in other provinces about the rights of women in Afghanistan. The comments and discussions were wide-ranging, relevant, sometimes controversial and reflected a broad range of opinions across the spectrum, allowing participants the chance to voice their opinions and to hear all sides of the various issues.

Students Graduation

65 Students graduated this month from the ILC’s ITC training, including 50 male and 15 female participants.

International Women's Day - Kabul

International Women's Day March 8 2007 Afghanistan

Relief International GCEP/EIDHR celebrated International Women’s Day on 7th March, 2007 at Kabul Sayed Jamaluddin Teacher Training Center.

Many people - friends of RI participated from different organizations. They are: Kabul Teachers Training Center Director and teachers, Maryam High School’s for female teachers and students, Family Welfare Focus (FWF) Director Mr. Ebadullah Hamid, Mr. Mohammad Aimal and Mr. Hamid from “Asheyana” center, and our friends from HRDO (Ham Gam Rehabilitation Development Organization).

This program started with a few verses of Holy Quran recited by Mohammad Shafiq graduated student of TTC Kabul and current student of GCEP.

Mr. Jeffrey Shannon Country Director of Relief International Afghanistan welcomed the participants and said about human rights especially he talked about the women’s situation in Afghanistgan.

Maryam high school students presented National anthem of Afghanistan. And thereof Sayed Ebad Adeel EIDHR program coordinator presented Power point presentation about women situation in Afghanistan, human rights and International Women’s Day history.

Mr.Khalid Hamad leader of HRDO (Ham Gam Rehabilitation Development Organization) presented his speech about human rights and children rights. (H.R.D.O - Ham Gam Rehabilitation Development Organization is non-governmental organization which supporting open media in Afghanistan and as well as publishes monthly news papers). In his speech Mr. Khalid thanked from Global Conections & Exchange Program for awarding Small Grant to HRDO to publish “A_ayaran” newspapers March issue, dedicated to the International Women’s Day .

Alongside of this many power point presentations were presented which attracted audience attention so Presentations about women right in Afghanistan presented by GCEP participants Paktina Aziz, Ferishta and Mohmmad and Mohsen graduated student of TTC Kabul and currently student of Global Connection and Exchange program.

And some Presentation were presented about women’s right in Afghanistan the presenters are Laila, Zuhal students of Maryam High school Kabul and GCEP program participants at the Maryam high school were is GCEP program site located.
As well as one of the teachers of Mariam High School Miss.Safia talked about human rights and presented a poem full of the emotions expresses the bad condition of women in Afghanistan she said that during the last three decade women are affected and need international assistance to give strengthen to women.

At the end a film by the name of BAD MARGHA was presented. in this film in a family father kills somebody from other family and then they make Shura to mitigate to the killed person family, finally the killed person family asks the 20 years old daughter of murderer to their 50 years old son and they are eligible and has no alternative so they become agree to give her daughter in marriage to them finally they get married and killed person family finds out the occasion to take the revenge of their son from this poor girl, even though her father killed that person but her husband and mother in-law was doing brutal activities eventually she decides to put patrol on her self and burn her self with fire. So this issue of Human Rights becomes more attractive to the audience alongside of this we handed over some gifts to those students who had good Power point presentations.

This celebration could absolve dare to women to ask and defend from their rights. As you are in the picture that women in Afghanistan are in a very bad condition, they are forced marriage, deprived from receiving education; has not permission of work to improve their economics and to stand on their own feet’s. Female participants from different organizations they expressed their feeling and thoughts and called upon Afghan young generation to be more optimistic, bright minded recognize women’s right and to give them full support.

In addition to this we had drawing competition on March 1, 2007 till March 6, 2007 between GCEP Internet Learning Center’s participants and several partner centers. In these drawings students and teachers expressed their feelings and thoughts of current situation of women in Afghanistan. We showed all these drawing to guests all the audience were impressed and were insisting to respect Human Right every where. To get full info about the drawing go to: